Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Yaesu FT-817ND Freeband mods

I recently bought Yaesu FT 817ND transceiver and really love this small rig so much, even better, I did some modification to make it transmit on all band, originally it only able to transmit on amateur band frequency only, this is the range that I have now :

1.8 - 33 Mhz
33 - 56 MHz
140 - 154 MHz
420 - 470 MHz

My Yaesu is US version, 2008 build, so applying modification through software is no longger possible, I had to open it and reach the jumper inside of front panel, and for this model, originally it has J4001-J4004 open, J4005-J4007 close and J4008-J4009 open, and to able to change it to freeband, I have to mod jumper by opening J4005, closing J4008 and J4009

here is the picture to locate where the jumper and the way it numbered :

take a look my other project, Bluetooth serial for Yaesu FT-817ND.

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Anonymous said...

i just did the freeband mod on my uk 817 and lost the ars function. not much of a pity. did you also lose this function? by the way, it has gone, not just reverse toggled. serial number 6L18xxxx


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