Monday, May 24, 2010

Bluetooth serial for Yaesu FT817ND

I build this for just around 20$ compare if I bought the "standard" bluetooth to serial converter, which is always have price tag around 70$.

comparing with if I buy the standard one, I can make it small size, but sure, I had to deal with couples of SMD devices, 2 transistors, couples R and C and one step down regulator MAX1726 (Yaesu FT817ND ACC port is 5 Volt signal, and the bluetooth module need 3.3 Volt signal and 3.3 Volt VCC, so I need 2 step down, from Yaesu supply voltage 12 Volt to 5 Volt and to 3.3 Volt, and for 5 Volt I just use the regular 78L05 ).

the only cons is the speed only 9600bps, but its acceptable performance.

bought the module on ebay, at store called sureelectronics, and its comes with simple schematic :

this is the module physical appearance :

and this is my finish setup.

at above picture I use CTR-remote for PPC from

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