Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Bushnell 15-55x21 Monocular

I bought this one on ebay, from china seller, and honestly I am not sure this one is really for busnell product lines, as I saw on other china/HK seller, they selling this without brand on it, so I just assume, some china manufacture try to build one descent small monocular but end up no one like it not even want to put label on it, so lets say this monocular as Busnell Reject :-).

here are some picture of it :

by looking on the lens, we can tell that the coating is just barely there, its at minimum level, that explaining why the quality of the image that it produce is just average, I still can see some color distortion, especially on the maximum magnification (55x),
but hey, for that ebay cheap price (around $20, including shipping from china), with higher magnification compare to the other store, what we can expect ?, anyway, the size is just 1.25inch in diameter and 4inch long, so basically there are so many limitation, and try to build small monocular, with good lens and high magnification probably will end up with three or four digit $ price, nobody I believe will buy such device except the government which want to equip their intelligence agent with such device.
final word, this monocular is a piece of optic gadget that nice to have, build with a good material, easy to carry, come with the carrying case and deliver descent closer image anytime I need it.

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