Monday, August 25, 2008

Got socket(PF_PACKET) failed: Too many open files on airodump-ng

Ever got that error : "socket(PF_PACKET) failed: Too many open files" when using aircrack-ng during cracking your neighbor Wifi network ?.

I am not sure what is the problem, initially I suspected the low signal caused this, but that wasn't always the case, so instead looking what is the cause, I write small sh script to solve this problem, basically the script continues checking the Linux process for any airodump-ng, and when there is no airodump-ng in process, start another one, here is the simple script to accommodate this issue :

while [ $i -le 100000 ]
echo "$i"
[ `ps -ax | grep airodump-ng | wc -l` -lt 1 ] && ./airodump-ng -c 11 --bssid 00:1a:70:82:7b:28 wlan0 -w output1 &
i=`expr $i + 1`
sleep 3

you can change that 100000 value, or make it loop forever, and change that option "-w output1" with any value with specific path, like /var/temp/output1

happy cracking.

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