Friday, February 29, 2008

Hacking Pharos GPS 140

If you guys one of the people who unlucky (or lucky) enough to have Pharos GPS 140, here is one trick that you can make this device more interesting.

I don't want to review the pros and cons about this device, but having the specs like this :
- Running WinCE 5.0
- Plenty of memory
- SD card slot
- MS ActiveSync through USB interface to PC.
are enough already for me to utilize this device more.

Initially I able to load a lot of WinCE software to this device by copying directly via SD Card or MS ActiveSync, but the problem was, how I can load or execute the application ?

After looking on directory structure, finnaly, I able to use VideoPlayer button (three button on the left side, middle one), to run one of my application that I create.

this program aloha.exe is simple application which I created using eVC, and I copied the file to \MyFlashDisk\MPlayer directory, and rename it to mplayer.exe, (be carefull to rename original mplayer.exe to mplayer1.exe), just inform me if you already deleted the original mplayer.exe, I will give you my copy. :-)

here is the screen snapshot of that "New Interface"

so now, original Media Player is accessible through this interface, in additions I put 4 other Launcher button.
- Explorer (WinCE Explorer)
- Acrobat Reader (this device is cool for ereader) (put application on \MyFlashDisk\gpsapp\adobe 2.0\acrobat 2.0\reader\acrord32.exe )
- OziExplorer GPS for WinCE / HPC (put application on \MyFlashDisk\oziexplorer\oziexplorerce/exe )
- Resco Filemanager for WinCE /HPC (put application on \MyFlashDisk\mplayer\resco.exe )

maybe you are wondering, why I should add another GPS application to GPS already device ? ok, this is because the Pharos Ositia Software only work in US and Canada (and few part of europe), and sometimes I use this GPS to another country which is not supported yet, so I use OziExplorer GPS, which is very good for people who like to create their own map or own POI.

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Gustavo López said...

Hi , I would love to try your hack , but I don´t find in my GPS the MyFlashDisk\MPlayer directory,and the aloha.exe link you posted is broken.
Is there any other url from which I can get the aloha.exe and another way to place it into the Pharos 140?

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