Sunday, February 6, 2011

Tearing apart Dremel Minimite 4.8 Volt battery.

there are so many good devices that come with crappy battery, and very unfortunate I have many of them, one device I already mentioned it on previous post, its tribander multimode portable transceiver, the amazing and the only one of its kind, YAESU FT-817ND.

now I want to show another good device with its lame battery, dremel minimite.

I like this rotary tool so much, it does many thing, and for such useful device, dremel has it with proprietary ni-cad battery (and only 700mA in capacity), which is very old technology in today world.

look, how crappy the stock charger is, basically it just a transformer, two rectifier diode, one capacitor, and one LED, and they call it a charger :), once time I left my battery attached on this charger for almost 2 days, lucky me nothing happened.

it turn out replacing the battery on this dremel is easier than I thought, look on couple of images below, you can see how easy it is, hopefully I can replace it with Lithium battery someday, but for now, change the battery with NiMH with 2600mA, is way much better compare to original version.

take a look on the screw driver that I put inside dremel original battery, if you hold one of that battery right now, you can figure out by your self, and that the way you take out ni-cad battery from its case.

note, need 4AA battery holder for modification.

picture after the battery break apart, and I cut white battery holder in two, I just need one side as the battery terminal.

battery ready to be assembled, one side of 4AA battery holder, 4 hi-cap NiMh battery (its 2600 mAmp, compare it with dremel original, NiCad 700ma )

battery after its being assembled, now everytime I am running out of the battery, I simply can replace it with another set of battery.


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