Sunday, January 6, 2013

The only reason I was returning my Kindle Paperwhite.

And that was not about the backlight issue, yes, mine has that too, but I was accepting it.

I loved this device as my reading device, I loved it so much till I could not accept the only flaw that this device has, and made me return it to amazon for refund.

the flaw is, for unknown reason, amazon made it has this when I open the PDF files, look at the picture below :

Do you guys notice something ?, what on earth it has to be like this when is showing a full screen view for PDF ?, what is a purpose of having around 8mm-1cm on the left, top and right portion ? why dont just use all the screen available to show the PDF contents ?

is this because amazon want to kill PDF and replace it with their AZW format, by showing how is hard to read PDF in its native format ?, and that is by reducing the view by 10% too.

I really dont get it.

the device has 1024x758 resolution, nearly par with ipad2 1024x768, but because of this "unknown agenda", the PDF document that I can read without problem in the ipad became too small to read in kindle.

spoiling the space that already tight in the device like this is really a bad decision.

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