Saturday, March 14, 2009

Comtech CDM-IP 300L with Net SNMP

Getting eb/no status on Comtech CDM-IP 300L using SNMP is really straightforward, its easy and the only problem for me at the first time is finding the right MIB for this specific modem, and here is the link on Comtech website

I am downloading file Framer II under CDM-IP_550_300L_V133.

here is the step :
1. extract file
2. copy only these 3 files, fw10174-2d.mib fw10174-4b.mib fw10174-8-.mib to Net SNMP directory on linux machine, mine : /usr/share/snmp/mibs
3. execute the command : snmpget -v2c -On -c public modemIP cdmip300LRxEbno.0 or in numeric format snmpget -v2c -On -c public modemIP .
4. The eb/no result is in numeric 3 digit format.

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